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i. Entry

To enter your film ("the Film") into 3nd Vertical Film Festival 2018 (“VFF” or "the Festival"), you ("the Producer") must:

  • Upload the film in the required format via Vimeo;

  • Submit the Entry Form;

  • Adhere to the Guidelines; and

  • Accept these Terms & Conditions of Entry

by 18 November 2018, before 11:59pm in your local time..

By completing the Entry Form and delivering the Film online, the Producer has applied to enter the Film in the Festival, and accepts the conditions, including technical requirements for submissions, contained in the Guidelines page.

You retain all rights to your film, but if selected you grant VFF a non-exclusive license to exhibit your film in public at screenings of the Vertical Film Festival in Katoomba on 8 December 2018 and any other screening dates/locations that are subsequently added.

ii. Judging of Competition Entries

Up to 15 films will be chosen as Competition Finalists for viewing & judging at the VFF, 8 December 2018 ("Festival Night").

On Festival Night one Finalist will be judged as the winner of the Festival (“1st Prize”), one 2nd Prize and one 3rd Prize.  In all cases the Producer of the film (who may also be the director) will be awarded the prize.

Prizes awarded are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash.  It is not necessary for the winner to be present at the VFF; we will arrange to get your prize to you!

iii. Producer's Warranties

The Producer warrants the following:—

  1. the Producer has the authority to accept the Terms and Conditions and enter into this Agreement and grant the rights set out in the Agreement;

  2. the Producer has permission to reproduce and exploit all third party materials contained in the Film;

  3. the Producer is the sole and exclusive owner, or has permission from the sole and exclusive owner, of the copyright in the sound recordings comprising the soundtrack of their Film and the music and lyrics reproduced in those sound recordings;

  4. all of the performers in the Film (if any) have consented to the use of their performances in the Film;

  5. the Producer is entitled to grant to VFF permissions referred to herein (as applicable) and grant the use of the Film as proposed by the Terms and Conditions without violating the rights of any third party;

  6. all details submitted in the Entry Form by the Producer are true and correct, and the Producer indemnifies VFF from and against all claims and demands made against VFF resulting from inclusion of their film.

  7. all payments to Contributors in connection with the Film have been made, together with the cost of all licenses of any copyrighted elements such as film footage, musical works, lyrics, sound recordings or other material in which copyright subsists, owned by any third parties and which are used or adapted in the Film.

  8. no part of the Film is actionable for defamation or violates any right of privacy or publicity of any person, and the Film will not violate any rights, including copyright or moral rights, of any person, firm, or corporation; and

  9. the Film is not under threat of any claim or litigation.

iv. If the Film is Not a Finalist

If the Film is entered in the VFF but is not chosen for screening, the VFF will not have any rights to exhibit the Film.

v. Finalist films in Competition

If the Film is entered in the Competition and is selected as a Finalist, the Producer grants to VFF an non-exclusive license throughout the world to show the film, free, online; as well as non-exclusive publicity and promotional rights (including trailers, clips, stills and excerpts). However, the Producer may cancel this license after one year from the Festival Screening date by emailing the VFF.  Please contact us if you need the film temporarily made unviewable in order for it to be submitted to another organisation.

If you have any concerns about this, please contact us; we're not trying to exploit you (this is a non-profit festival), we just want to get your work freely seen as widely as possible, by embedding your Vimeo file on the website.

vi. Name and Likeness

The Producer authorises VFF to use the Producer’s name, likeness and biography in connection with any publicity for the Festival and related activities.

vii. Disqualification

VFF may, in its sole discretion, disqualify a Film from the Festival if VFF has reason to believe that a Film does not, for any reason, comply with the Terms and Conditions.

Phew!  As you probably guessed, we're not lawyers, so if you have any questions or comments about these Terms & Conditions please contact us; we're always looking for ways to improve the Festival.