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Vertical Film Festival
44 Evans Lookout Road, 
Blackheath, NSW, 2785 Australia

Who We Are

The Festival is run on a voluntary, break-even, not-for-profit basis. Nobody is paid or receives any other income as a result of its activities, except the prizewinners.

For its 1st edition, the Vertical Film Festival (VFF) was held under the auspices of the Australian Climbing Festival.

The VFF is co-directed by Adam Sebire, a filmmaker/video artist with numerous broadcast and film festival credits, in collaboration with his sister Natasha Sebire, adventure filmmaker/cinematographer and co-organiser of the 2014 Australian Climbing Festival. Natasha's film Resounding Silence was selected for the Banff Film Festival, 2013.


2014 Prizes were co-sponsored by Patagonia and Goal Zero. In 2016 we welcomed Nespresso as our prize sponsor.

If your organisation is interested in sponsorship opportunities to cover the costs of running the next Festival (projector, technical & venue hire) please email us.





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9:16 Film Festival, Port Adelaide.

Vertical Cinema, a commissioned collection of vertical films.

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Festival logo and poster may be freely reproduced used to publicise the VFF.  Other images used on this site are subject to copyright and prior approval for use must be arranged.