Submit Your Vertical FILM FESTIVAL ENTRY FOR 2016

Entries close 11:59pm Saturday 30 April 2016 according to your local time, wherever you are in the world.

1. First Things First


If you haven't already, please read the Guidelines to ensure your film fits the requirements,
and the Terms & Conditions to ensure you agree with them.

If you need help with shooting or editing a vertical film, be sure to have a look at our 9:16 Tips & Tricks page.

2. Get a Vimeo Account

To send us your film, you'll need a account. The good news is they're free!

To create your free Vimeo Basic account you just need an email address. The free version allows you to upload up to 500MB of video each week and display them at up to 720x1280.

ⓘ We use Vimeo for judging previews and for exhibition of finalists because they're free and because they're one of the few sites that allow us both to download and to embed tall-format screen sizes without black bars down the side (pillar-boxing).

3. Upload to Vimeo

Upload your film for the selection panel to view. Vimeo's recommended compression settings are available on their upload page and also here.

On the same page they provide a variety of tutorials for different editing programs including Première, Final Cut Pro, FCP X, Avid, Vegas and iMovie.

Don't worry if your film's sideways or upright. We will download the original file and make another version without quality loss (by changing the rotation flag in the MP4 file header using special software): a sideways one for the screening, and, if you're a competition finalist, an upright one if needed for our Finalists' Showcase on Vimeo after the Festival.

4. Add a Password and make it Downloadable


1. Under the 'Privacy' tab, you may want to create a password for your video. Please remember it as you'll need to provide it on the VFF submission form. Your video can then only be seen by the organisers, selection committee, and anyone you give the password to.

2. Then, under "What can people do with this video?" in the video settings on Vimeo select "Download the video".  This is so we can download your film for screening if it is selected.

5. Delivering in HD

Play symbol.png

If you're a Vimeo Plus or Pro user you will be able to supply a 1080x1920 high-definition version of your video. If your film is selected for the 2016 screening, you probably won't have to supply another copy of your film (just make the HD file downloadable in HD1080 from Vimeo in the Vimeo video file settings).

If you're a Vimeo Basic (free) user any file you upload will play back at 720x1280, which is fine for the selection process. For the screening we will contact finalists to ask them to ensure we have their highest quality version of their film.  If not, we will ask for the full HD version to be uploaded via DropBox, HighTail or GoogleDrive.

6. About Pillar-Boxing

 What you'll see in Vimeo's own interface: pillarboxing.

What you'll see in Vimeo's own interface: pillarboxing.


When you play back from Vimeo's own page you will see pillar-boxing (black bars on the sides). See example, left. And the thumbnail may appear cropped too. But don't worry! These disappear when the player is "embedded" in a webpage (right), or is downloaded (if permitted).

 What you'll see when the Vimeo video is embedded in a webpage ... much better!

What you'll see when the Vimeo video is embedded in a webpage ... much better!


Witches' Hat.png

AFTER you've successfully uploaded and checked your video, complete the submission form below and we'll be in touch to confirm receipt.

ⓘ The Vertical Film Festival will not disclose your personal information to any third parties. However, your name, country, and details of the work will appear in the program if your film is selected for screening. 


Name *
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Resolution in which the film was COMPLETED *
This may be different to the resolution you've been able to upload to Vimeo.
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