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Film program now online by Adam Sébire

Our program of films for screening in 2016 is now online (though the exact order is still to be confirmed). We received dozens of films — from every continent except Antarctica — and the final decision proved very difficult for the selection panel. Selectors gave each film a rating 0-5 which was then tallied.  

Check out the complete list of films chosen here, & have a look at the 2016 Teaser, right.

For the filmmakers who missed out on a screening slot, there will undoubtedly be other opportunities. We already know of half a dozen vertical film screenings in planning around the world and we will blog about these if and when they open their calls for entries (our blogs are also be posted on Facebook), so keep an eye on one or the other.  Consider uploading your work to mobile-only vertical platforms such as Vervid and imDown. Also, to make your film more visible on Vimeo, consider adding it to a vertical filmmaking “Group” (in Settings / Collections). There are several such vertical film communities on Vimeo, for example: 
(But make sure your video is the right-way up first; see Editing on our 9:16 Tips & Tricks page.)

Blue Mountains Gazette 11 May 2016

And a reminder: tickets are going quickly. Reservations are free so get in soon if you're planning to attend as the Blue Mountains' main newspaper has just given the Festival some timely publicity!