The Teaser has landed / by Adam Sébire

Watch out — we’ve released the first VFF teaser into the wild!  The Australian Climbing Festival compañeras join their Vertical Film Festival compadres for a spot of canyoning in the Blue Mountains' Tiger Snake Canyon one winter's day.


Which reminds us: have you bought your passes to our parent Festival, yet?  No? Get in quick:  Same town, same weekend.

We mentioned in the last blog post that we were excited to have some marvellous vertical animations showing at the Festival. One of them is from BAFTA-nominated The Line animation collective, called Everything I Can See From Here (publicity still below).  Bjorn-Erik Aschim and Sam Taylor’s co-directorial debut has been screened pillar-boxed at various film festivals, including Edinburgh, Las Vegas, Encounters, and Toronto ... and soon, in all its tallscreen glory, KATOOMBA!