One month to go... / by Adam Sébire

Thank you to everybody who's put in an entry for ⇧This Way Up⇧ so far.  We're very excited to see what people have been doing with the 9:16 format!

A lot's been going on.  Adam is busy curating the Tall Shorts part of the programme for films out of competition (and up to 10 mins long).  Technical details are being ironed out — with big thanks to Andrew at KFM Media in Katoomba who's been up late testing HD projectors for us to ensure they don't blow up when mounted vertically!  (Believe it or not, some manufacturers recommend against running them on their side, presumably due to airflow issues?!)

Our friends at the Australian Climbing Festival have been reconnoitering St Hilda's for ways to mount a large screen with climbing ropes hung from the nave's supporting beams.  Also at St Hilda's we've decided to employ a donations system for entry to the screenings to cover equipment hire.  This means we're waiving the cost of entries in ⇧This Way Up⇧ (absolute deadline remains 28 September 2014, however).

So, tell your friends, and get cracking!

Last, but certainly not least, we have the first of our prize sponsors on board — welcome (and a big thanks!) to Goal Zero.

Still from Vertical experiments 001: Rondell (2014) by Kuesti Fraun and Frank Lin.