And finally, the trailer! / by Adam Sébire

Well, it's snowing up in the Blue Mountains tonight — it'll be fine for the weekend but better bring your woollies if you're coming up on Friday: 6-14ºC is predicted!

Hot on the heels of the teaser here's the official trailer, with extracts from all the films in both sections, ⇧THIS WAY UP⇧ and TALL SHORTS:


The program is more or less locked off; about 30% of the duration is climbing/outdoors, another 30% is experimental art works, and the remaining 40% are animation & documentary.  Our plan is to mix them all up!  Pure diabolical programming genius...

And while we're at it, a big thanks to Mike Retter and the 9:16 Film Festival in Adelaide for allowing us to re-screen Matthew Gray's Door: Over The Threshold and Karu-Karu studios' Girl & Fish (below) at the 1st Vertical Film Festival this year. We're delighted to be able to give these two terrific made-for-tallscreen films another outing in their original aspect!